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Blockchain Capital’s X account hacked to promote token claim scam

Blockchain Capital’s X account hacked to promote token claim scam

The X (Twitter) account of crypto-focused venture capital firm Blockchain Capital was seemingly taken over by scammers attempting to lure users with the promise of a token claim.

On Aug. 9, Blockchain Capital’s account made multiple posts promising a giveaway of “BCAP” tokens and directed users to a copycat website that emulated the appearance of the VC firm’s original.

Blockchain Capital later regained control of the account and deleted the posts.

Scammers posting a link to a fake Blockchain Capital website under the guise of a token claim. Source: X

The copycat website — which included an additional “n” in the URL to closely mimic the original — directs users to connect their crypto wallet, a common tactic used by phishing scammers in order to trick users into signing a malicious transaction that drains funds.

The scammers tactically turned off commenting on the posts in an attempt to prevent others from warning of the possible scam. Multiple X users shared the posts warning of the scam attempt.

Tierion founder Wayne Vaughan was one of many to warn of the scam attempt. Source: X

Blockchain Capital’s hijacked account comes days after the FBI warned of criminal actors taking over the social media accounts of well-known figures in the crypto space in order to funnel users to malicious spoof sites.

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A flood of scam posts also recently appeared on pro-XRP lawyer Jeremy Hogan’s hacked X account, where malicious links to a purported XRP (XRP) giveaway were posted for around four days.

In late July, Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao warned his 8.5 million X followers of the increasing number of phishing attacks following the hack of Uniswap founder Hayden Adams’ X account.

Zhao advised against using text message-based two-factor authentication and recommended the use of hardware devices instead.

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