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What Is Tome AI?

What Is Tome AI?

Tome AI is a San Francisco-based startup that has developed a unique platform for generative storytelling, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to create narratives and presentations. The company’s software is designed to help users express their ideas in a more compelling manner, offering a fluid, multimedia canvas that adapts to any screen.

Features and Functionality

Tome AI’s platform is not just a deck, document, or splash page. It integrates AI tools to help users explore new approaches and instantly generate new content. Users can type in a prompt and watch as Tome generates entire narratives from scratch or creates additional content pages within seconds.

The platform also supports the integration of interactive embeds, allowing users to draw viewers in and encourage participation by embedding interactive product mocks, 3D prototypes, data, web pages, and more. It also offers dynamic, mobile-responsive layouts that adjust content to fit any device.

In addition to text, users can share a prototype, add 3D renderings, trim a video, or embed live content from the web to make their point more compelling. The platform also supports video narration, enabling users to bring their stories to life.

AI Integration

Tome AI uses a powerful natural language processing system created by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, to generate the text of the slides based on an initial description of the task from the user. The output includes a presentation title and headings for each slide, as well as a paragraph or two of more detailed information for each slide.

The software then feeds this text into a different text-to-image generation AI called DALLE-2, also built by OpenAI, to automatically produce images to illustrate each slide. The user can then use a suite of simple editing tools to modify these slides in whatever way they wish.

Applications and User Base

Tome AI is designed to help anyone express their ideas, whether they’re leading a large company, starting a solo business, or creating something for personal use. The platform has already been used by “tens of thousands” of users to create sales and pitch decks, product roadmaps, mini-websites, children’s storybooks, and wedding invitations.

Future Plans

Tome AI plans to add additional AI features that will allow users to more simply edit the AI-generated images for each slide, change the slide layouts, and make additional modifications to the text, including adjusting the tone and style of the writing.

Availability and Pricing

Tome AI is available as a free version that allows users to create a limited number of decks per month. It also offers a paid subscription version intended for businesses.

Reception and Funding

Tome AI received $32.3 million in venture capital funding from investors that include Greylock Partners and Coatue. The company’s approach to generative storytelling has been praised for its potential to give a broad range of human beings “superpowers” by connecting them to AI abilities.

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