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A Trio of Top Studios Join Cool Cats for Game Developments

A Trio of Top Studios Join Cool Cats for Game Developments

Cool Cats has collaborated with Animoca Brands‘ affiliates, iCandy and nWay, alongside Sync Studios. By uniting with these high-profile firms, the blue-chip NFT collection is ready to debut three enticing games by early 2024.

Quick Takes: 

  • Cool Cats strategy is to boost its brand’s visibility through tactical alliances and storytelling through games.
  • Consequently, the NFT project is set to feature in an iCandy 2D running game, a nWay multiplayer arcade game, and mobile gameplay through Sync Studios by next year.
  • Further enhancing the project’s presence is a float at the historic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a Comic-Con stand.
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Cool Cats’ Game Plan

Cool Cats’ has an ongoing strategy to solidify the brand’s presence through tactical alliances and narrative development surrounding its iconic character, Blue. Making the NFT project’s ambitious plans possible is Animoca Brands’ investment.

Within the network of Animoca Brands lies iCandy, standing tall with a community of over 370 million gamers. The firm is collaborating with Cool Cats to forge a thrilling infinite runner 2D game in September 2023.

Also standing as a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, nWay is getting set to showcase Cool Cats in a multiplayer arcade games. The company has a respected reputation for developing competitive games across various platforms, including the much-loved Power Rangers and ChronoBlade.

Last but not least, Sync Studios will feature these popular cat characters in an upcoming mobile game. The company already has a significant portfolio, uniting with renowned giants: Voodoo, Lion Studios, Hasbro, Paramount Studios, and Warner Brothers. Notably, Sync also works alongside Web3 mobile gaming titan PlayEmber, supported by Shima Capital and Big Brain Holdings.

“Gaming allows for a deep connection with characters and stories through captivating gameplay. Our upcoming games are pivotal to our continual ambition of establishing Cool Cats as a globally recognized character brand and a dynamic storytelling and content organization,” confirmed Stephen Teglas, Cool Cats’ CEO, in a press release.

“Our partnerships with nWay, iCandy, and Sync Studios enable us to offer immersive gaming experiences to captivate our existing fanbase and to introduce our brand to a wider global audience.”

Further igniting a spark into the brand is a float at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a Comic-Con stand.

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