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Argentinian Airline Distributes First NFT Flight Tickets

Argentinian Airline Distributes First NFT Flight Tickets

Flybondi is flying high in the world of Web3. The low-budget Argentinian airline became the first carrier to issue NFT flight tickets yesterday. 

Quick Takes: 

  • Argentina’s low-budget airline, Flybondi, partners with TravelX to issue NFT flight tickets.
  • The ticketing system on the Algorand blockchain allows passengers to transfer, sell, and rename their “NFTickets” independently. These benefits enable more freedom and flexibility for passengers while reducing customer service costs for the airline.
  • As usual, travelers can purchase flight tickets using fiat currency. They will then receive an NFT that embeds flight information, terms and conditions, and boarding access.
Algorand’s marketplace, Algo Explorer, selling Flybondi NFT flight tickets

Flybondi’s NFT Ticketing Process 

Flybondi’s recent “Ticket 3.0” integration expands the partnership between the NFT ticketing company TravelX and the Argentinian airline. Built on Algorand, this ticketing technology lets passengers transfer, sell and rename the “NFTickets” themselves. The digital assets also hold flight information and give boarding access.

Consequently, Flybondi believes its new ticketing method is a fantastic way to spice up the overall travel experience for its passengers – giving them more freedom and being able to solve any issues independently, hassle-free.

In exchange, the airline can slash costs toward its customer service and boost revenue from trading fees. The airline rakes in a 2% from transaction fees, alongside Flybondi, who also takes a 2% cut from fees.

How to Buy NFT Flight Tickets

Even though purchasing NFTickets sounds like it may be a complex process, it is not. Despite the tickets being NFTs, they do not need to be purchased using cryptocurrency. Those wanting to fly can pay in fiat, as usual. TravelX then sends all upcoming passengers the synchronized ticket along with a regular e-ticket. Terms and conditions are embedded into the digital asset’s smart contract.

Since launching yesterday, thousands of NFTickets have already been minted on Algorand’s marketplace, Algo Explorer.

Flybondi is, for the world’s first time, representing this new use case for NFTs, and how blockchain technology can reshape our flying experiences.

Individuals wanting to get away and test out this new NFT ticketing process can easily purchase a flight ticket here.

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