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Azuki to Hop to Vegas to Host NFT Event, ‘Follow the Rabbit’

Azuki to Hop to Vegas to Host NFT Event, ‘Follow the Rabbit’

On June 23, until the am, the blue-chip non-fungible token (NFT) project, Azuki, will host a grand adults-only NFT event dubbed “Follow the Rabbit” at Las Vegas’s iconic nightclub, Hakkasan.

Quick Takes: 

  • Azuki reveals plans to host an event at Las Vegas’s Hakkasan nightclub on June 23, dubbed “Follow the Rabbit”.  
  • All holders of Azuki and BEANZ NFTs over the age of 21 will have priority access to the NFT event. Tickets will also be for sale for adults who are non-members.
  • The Ethereum-based NFT project — which has generated over $940 million in sales — requires attendance registration through the TokenProof app.

What Awaits at Azuki’s Upcoming Event

The iconic Ethereum-based NFT project, Azuki, recently announced that it would be hosting a grand event in Vegas for all community members and fans to enjoy.

The project that creates 10,000 avatar NFTs inspired by anime artwork revealed the news about the forthcoming event on Twitter:

While the event from 10 pm to 2 am at the Hakkasan Nightclub is open for all adults over the age of 21 to join, Azuki and BEANZ holders will have priority access. As such, members can register for free before being put on a waiting list for ticket confirmation.

Fans without Azuki-related NFTs can still register. However, they will have to pay a $100 deposit. For those interested, registration remains open until 2 pm (PT) on April 24. All participants can also bring a +1 if they wish.

Details about what to expect at the event are yet to be revealed. Although, what is clear for now is that all attendees must wear “dope shit only”, as required by the Azuki team themselves.

Want to Follow the Rabbit? 

Members wanting to attend must complete a three-step process. They first need to download the TokenProof app. Then, sign up within the app using a wallet containing Azuki and BEANZ NFTs. Afterward, it’s vital to authenticate their enrolled wallet for registration completion.

Once completing the registration, the app will provide the attendee ticket confirmation. Azuki will then verify the final guest list once the registration period ends.

Non-members, on the other hand, can go to the Azuki website to register their interest.

Azuki is a prominent player in the NFT world, boasting over $940 million worth of sales alongside BEANZ, which has a total market cap of $264 million. Accordingly, this event expects to be a sell-out.

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