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Barbie x Boss Beauties to Empower Women via NFTs

Barbie x Boss Beauties to Empower Women via NFTs

The prestigious creator of Barbie, Mattel, joins forces with the women-led Web3 entity, Boss Beauties, to release a collection of on-chain virtual assets to empower women to explore Web3.

Quick Takes: 

  • Mattel and Boss Beauties are ready to release Barbie-inspired virtual assets to promote women’s engagement in the Web3 realm.
  • Selling on the Flow blockchain, these $25 packs of four digital collectibles are acquirable with cryptocurrency and offer tangible rewards and exclusive experiences.
  • The early release of these collectibles starts today, and the official launch is on May 18.

Boss Beauties and Barbie’s Joint Venture

Celebrating Barbie’s countless careers since her inception in 1959, “Boss Beauties x Barbie” virtual assets each showcase the childhood favorite doll’s 25 professions: astronaut, CEO, doctor, pilot, veterinarian, and more.

These digital collectibles — resident of the Flow blockchain — cost $25 for a pack of four and are acquirable with cryptocurrency. The straightforward check-out process, alongside the collectible’s affordable pricing, assists in easing Barbie into the Web3 world.

Despite all virtual assets having the same price tag, there’s a catch: each pack comprises two ‘common’ cards, a single ‘uncommon card,’ and a fourth card that could fall under any rarity category. For example, ‘ultra rare’ assets give holders an exclusive Barbie ‘Career of the Year’ doll set. Alternatively, the ‘exclusive’ collectibles offer entry to the alluring ‘World of Barbie’ exhibition in LA.

Additional rewards will open up as time goes on, including physical goods and virtual career conversations with elite women professionals.

Early access starts today, and all first buyers can expect an exclusive digital asset that reveals a unique career trait. However, the official launch will not kick-start until next week, on May 18, at Veecon.

Inspiration Behind the Barbie Virtual Assets

Mattel and Boss Beauties embark on this pioneering journey to usher one million women and girls into the spirited Web3 world. Both entities joined forces to create a virtual collection of Barbie in numerous professional roles that challenge traditional gender norms. Championing the idea that all careers can be a woman’s domain, the roles include an astronaut, pilot, and more.

By bringing Barbie’s vast careers into the digital space, women and girls can envision a future where they can achieve whatever professional goals they wish, irrespective of gender. Thus, through the beauty of the blockchain, Mattel and Boss Beauties pave the way for a more inclusive digital future.

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