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Brazilian Football Enters Web3 Via Binance Partnership

Brazilian Football Enters Web3 Via Binance Partnership

The world of Brazilian football (soccer) has crossed paths with the web3 universe thanks to a Binance partnership. This will see the global company create NFTs of the South American country’s top mens’ football league, Brasileirão Assaí.

Quick Takes:

  • Binance has partnered with Brasileirão Assaí to launch the first-ever NFTs around Brazil’s top-tier football league.
  • Users can claim free NFTs by registering on the Brasileirão Assaí website. Then, completing the KYC process on Binance’s NFT home page.
  • NFT holders will have access to exclusive benefits, including participation in Fanverse. Also, lower trading fees on Binance, and discounts on CBF Academy courses.
Neymar and Ronaldinho, two of the greatest Brazilian footballers, played in the league at points in their careers.

Binance, who are known as one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges as well as a top blockchain have expanded business in the sports world as they have partnered with one of the world’s top footballing governing bodies, a country which has won 5 FIFA World Cups in the men’s game.

This partnership will see the launch of the first ever NFTs revolving around Brazil’s top-tier, Brasileirão Assaí (Serie A) – a league that includes famous teams such as Palmeiras, Flamengo, Sao Paulo and Santos. Notable players who have played in the league include Neymar Jr., Ronaldinho, and Pelé.

Anyone who claims the free NFTs, which are being launched today (April 15), will be able to access a variety of exclusive benefits.

The NFT season passes are being launched to celebrate the start of the 2023 tournament, a huge part of the yearly Brazilian football calendar.

The Registration Process

Simply, to register for NFTs, users should:

  • Register on the  Brasileirão Assaí website  to redeem a code.
  • Access the NFT home page  on Binance  using the code and register. Current Binance users will also be able to redeem their NFT by referring friends to open an account.
  • Complete the identity verification process (know your customer, or KYC), which will allow for the NFT will automatically unlock.

The introduction of KYC has been a topic often debated within NFTs. With one side of the argument being for it, based on the increased security and reduced number of scams. It is something that has been claimed to support “cleaning up” the space. But another side have wished for NFTs to remain secretive, anonymous. Especially for those who do their dealings in the industry via a pseudonym.

Benefits for Users

Brazilian football as a whole had jumped on the trend (NFTs and crypto) followed by many teams and leagues across the world. This has been largely fuelled by SoRare, who have been a top player in the space. As well as this, various fan token sites.

To clarify, anyone who claims the season pass will be permitted to participate in ‘Fanverse’ – a gamified platform in partnership with the Brazilian league which brings together a series of games (like match predictions, polls, more) and benefits. Top performers in the games will have the chance to win tickets, collectibles and hospitality experiences.

Users will also have access to lower trading fees on Binance, and discounts on CBF Academy School of Business and Management courses available when Faverso launches.

The president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Ednaldo Rodrigues said. “During my term as leading manager of CBF, we have seeked to connect with all forms of interaction with the fans. It’s no different in this partnership with Binance. Bringing technology, combined with the emotion of football, will give us even more options for approaching and engaging with new audiences. As well as this, different fan profile.”

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