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CBS Studios Secures Trademark for Star Trek Continuum NFT Collectibles

CBS Studios Secures Trademark for Star Trek Continuum NFT Collectibles

Expanding digital assets, CBS Studios has secured the trademark for “Star Trek Continuum” NFTs and cryptocurrency collectibles. Further, the development materialized through an application submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Finally, fans can enjoy the “Star Trek Continuum” NFT collectibles.

Quick Takes:

  • CBS Studios reserved a Trademark for “Star Trek Continuum” NFT Collectibles.
  • The USPTO processed the application on August 8th.
  • The Continuum NFT will have features for customization.

Trademark Acquisition for Star Trek NFTs

As per the documents filed with the USPTO, the “Strat Trek Continuum” NFT and cryptocurrency collectibles have been trademarked. Besides, The trademark is in association with CBS Studios’ Continuum Television series. 

Moreover, the name of the NFT includes starships from various adventures in the science fiction world. Also, these digital assets are customizable as per the requirements of the buyers. Mike Kondoudis tweeted the news on August 9th, confirming the registration. 

Furthermore, this registration will enable CBS Studios to use digital assets on online marketplaces. The USPTO records show that the agency registered the trademark on August 8th after receiving a request from CBS Studios.

Personalized Collectibles with Star Trek NFT 

While CBS Studios has yet to announce further details about their “Star Trek Continuum” NFT collectibles, other features are attracting buyers. For instance, NFTs can be customizable, and users can have personalized digital assets. What’s more, the fans are eagerly waiting for the debut of the new NFT collection.

In the pipeline is an opportunity for fans to collect, trade, and customize these digital assets based on their favorite Starship moments. Most likely, the fans are expected to enjoy the specially crafted NFT collectibles. With the launch of these NFTs, enthusiasts of Star Trek can have spacecraft collectibles that resonate with them.

CBS’s initiative to make “Star Trek Continuum” NFT serves as proof of the role of digital assets in the entertainment domain. Also, it is evident, that Hollywood is alluring fans through digital collectibles. We have seen more, such as Mission Impossible and Futurama,  and more are on the way.

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