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Damien Hirst Creates ‘The Beautiful Paintings’ NFTs on HENI

Damien Hirst Creates ‘The Beautiful Paintings’ NFTs on HENI

After setting physical art alight, Damien Hirst is on fire yet again. This time, he is launching his iconic spin paintings, “The Beautiful Paintings”, as NFTs and physical artworks on the HENI platform. 

Quick Takes: 

  • Damien is collaborating with the innovative art platform HENI to create iconic physical and digital spin paintings, “The Beautiful Paintings”.
  • Collectors can personalize their own spin art by choosing from various colors, styles, sizes, and shapes.
  • The paintings are available until April 10, with NFTs prices and $2,000 and physical versions ranging from $1,500 to $6,000 (depending on canvas size).
Screenshot from HENI

What Makes ‘The Beautiful Paintings’ Special?

For Hirst to infuse vitality into his project, he has joined forces with HENI, an innovative art platform. Together, they are working toward dissolving the barrier between digital and physical art by employing cutting-edge technology to produce memorable and striking paintings.

Hirst took to Twitter to share news about the positive update:

Hirst is no stranger to spin art. He first began experimenting with the medium around thirty years ago. Drawing inspiration from “Abstract Expressionism” and motivated to create a machine for producing art, he poured colors onto rotating canvases, enabling the device to generate unpredictable movements and color interplay.

Differently, his new spin art masterpieces can be customized by collectors via the “The Beautiful Paintings” interface on HENI. Buyers can pick their favorite pallet of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes before creating start-of-the-art artworks and titles. Therefore, each piece is unique and distinctive.

Minting Hirst’s Spin Paintings

When creating their own ‘The Beautiful Painting’, collectors can pick from 25 distinct artwork styles. Then, if satisfied, they can buy either a physical or digital (NFT) copy — or both.

The minting started on March 31 and will continue until April 10. After that, the physical artwork will be printed on canvas and signed by Hirst.

The NFTs are priced at $2,000, whereas the physical versions range from $1,500 to $6,000, depending on the canvas size chosen.

Since two days ago, there’s also been a chance for ten Hirst fans to win a painting generated himself:

The competition ends on April 9 at 11.59 pm (PST). So, sign up quickly!

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