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Deadfellaz and Unity to Forge New Gaming Frontier

Deadfellaz and Unity to Forge New Gaming Frontier

The innovative minds behind the OG NFT brand Deadfellaz, DFZ Labs, are proud to announce their latest venture ‘RIP TCG’ — a groundbreaking digital trading card game (TCG) crafted in collaboration with Unity.

Extensive character card customization, immersive 3D combat, and swift tactical gameplay are underway, and early access privileges for Deadfellaz members start today!

Quick Takes: 

  • Deadfellaz’s highly-anticipated RIP TCG anticipates an early alpha release in 2024.
  • However, an early access RIP TCG vault sale for Deadfellaz owners start today.
  • The NFT brand has joined forces with Unity to assist in innovating the game.

A Cutting-Edge TCG Marvel Coming Soon

Deadfellaz’s cutting-edge TCG looks forward to an early alpha release in the first quarter of 2024. Dedicated fans of the NFT brand that reap today’s early access privilege will be able to play an essential role in the game’s initial rollout.

The CEO of DFZ Labs, Betty, shared her enthusiasm for the game in a recent press release: “Psych and I firmly believe that TCG gaming is due for a significant upgrade in gameplay, animation, music, and the overall player experience.

“With Unity as our partner, we now have the ideal collaboration to transform our vision into reality. Ultimately, we envision this game as an opportunity to push the boundaries of what culture and gaming can coalesce into.”

By utilizing Unity, DFZ Labs is working toward elevating the TCG into an entirely new realm of immersion and action. However, more details about the technology behind the game will come to light in the coming months.

Deadfellaz’s Already Existing Technology Prowess 

As passionate gamers themselves, the DFZ team has already introduced tools and experiences to its iconic Deadfellaz brand. This includes their new extension of intellectual property dubbed ‘Streamingfellaz’, enabling collectors to live stream themselves as their NFT characters. Motion tracking and emotions bring these characters to life.

DFZ Labs also has a community streaming team on board — the DFZ Twitch Team — demonstrating the project’s dedication to supporting gamers within the Deadfellaz community, and recently united with MetaMask to premiere a film series.

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