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Deadfellaz Unites with MetaMask to Premiere a Film Series

Deadfellaz Unites with MetaMask to Premiere a Film Series

The team behind the famed NFT brand Deadfellaz, DFZ Labs, is unveiling its new content film series ‘Culture On-Chain’ this week at Korea Blockchain Week, with a helping hand from the world’s leading self-custody Web3 platform, MetaMask.

Quick Takes: 

  • DFZ Labs is unveiling a film series with MetaMask at Korea Blockchain Week.
  • Culture On-Chain spotlights Web3 creators highlighting positive blockchain developments.
  • MetaMask’s user base and the Korean government’s Web3 willingness amplify the insights. 
The DFZ team

Spotlighting the Importance of Web3 in the Real World

DFZ’s Culture On-Chain will showcase positive developments in the Web3 sphere through the lens of international creators and culture-makers. The soon-coming series will tell positive stories of people building on-chain at Korea Blockchain Week. Of course, Deadfellaz will be one of the NFT brands telling its story.

Korea is quickly becoming an international hub for Web3 following its government’s blockchain willingness. Kick-starting today, the Seoul event will converge this assertion in one action-packed week, with DFZ at the forefront.

Partnering with MetaMask — a user base exceeding 21 million monthly active users — will further amplify the intriguing film series to reach a global audience.

“The cultural ethos and foundational values underpinning Web3 align seamlessly with our guiding principles at MetaMask, shaping our vision of the future. Our collaboration with Deadfellaz offers an exceptional avenue to manifest these ideals in a distinctive manner,” comments Neal Gorevic, MetaMask’s CMO.

“By engaging with creators and builders in Seoul, we aim to underscore MetaMask’s prominent presence within the NFT space.”

The synergy between DFZ Labs, MetaMask, and the international community ensures that the stories behind Culture On-Chain encompass.

“Crypto and Web3 often get a bad rap on mainstream media, so we want to highlight and amplify the positive stories unfolding in this space every day,” says DFZ Labs’ CEO, Betty.

To further raise awareness surrounding Web3, DFZ will also be visiting Frieze Seoul, Seoul Fashion Week and more. It’s time to foster a more profound appreciation and understanding of blockchain in the world of today and tomorrow. The masterminds behind Deadfellaz are leading the charge!

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