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DeadFellaz Unveil New IP Extension, ‘Front Facing Fellaz’

DeadFellaz Unveil New IP Extension, ‘Front Facing Fellaz’

Deadfellaz is constantly broadening its repertoire of resources and art extensions for its holders, The Horde. The latest addition includes the “Front Facing Fellaz” collection. The collectibles reimagine all 10,000 original DeadFellaz characters with a slight twist. Now, the cute zombies are forward facing to meet your gaze.

Quick Takes:

  • DeadFellaz expands its universe with a new art extension for its holders: “Front Facing Fellaz”.
  • The collectibles feature forward-facing personas of the original 10,000 characters, catering to community demand and boosting creative versatility.
  • However, it’s important to note that they are not NFTs. Instead, they are a part of members official IP extension.
  • In addition to the characters, “The Horde” can also access Pixelfellaz, with more assets like Voxelfellaz, Streamingfellaz, and Chibbifellaz in the pipeline.
Front Facing Fellaz
One of the Front Facing Fellaz

About DeadFellaz New Eye-Catching Personas

DeadFellaz are a groundbreaking Web3 brand that debuted as a non-fungible token (NFT) collection in 2021 and quickly transformed into a contemporary media company with deep roots in pop culture.

The decision for the NFT project to create Front Facing Fellaz was prompted by the community’s desire for this new orientation. As individual members started to craft their own derivatives, the DeadFellaz team realized that by providing these files directly, they could enhance the versatility of these characters in numerous settings.

The available files include front-facing characters with bodies and backgrounds, front-facing characters with bodies but no background, and front-facing characters without bodies. All new personas are particularly useful for overlaying on photos for social media and other purposes.

DeadFellaz shared the news with its followers on Twitter:

As you can see, DeadFellaz states that the new characters or not a claim, nor a mint. That’s because these new Fellaz are not NFTs. Rather, they serve as an extension of the art files associated with each DeadFellaz token. By being hosted on IPFS, they are accessible to holders as part of their official IP extension.

In addition to the new Front Facing Fellaz, DeadFellaz holders can also access Pixelfellaz. More assets will soon be available, including Voxelfellaz, Streamingfellaz, and Chibbifellaz.

The continuous expansion of the DeadFellaz universe ensures an ever-growing array of creative resources for The Horde to enjoy.

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