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DeGods Fuels Next Moves with Cryptic Website and NFT Drops

DeGods Fuels Next Moves with Cryptic Website and NFT Drops

Coinciding with the launch of DeGods Season III and y00ts2, DeLabs debuts its cryptic website ‘de.xyz’, bypassing conventional roadmaps and enhancing current models with IP rights for holders.

Quick Takes: 

  • DeLabs’ founder unveils an unconventional approach with a cryptic website, rejecting traditional roadmaps and broadening current models with IP rights for holders.
  • Community-driven search for clues fuels members’ intrigue and speculation regarding forthcoming features and opportunities.
  • Other anticipated developments include the enhancement of Season III’s female DeGod avatars and a gamified DUST token model.

DeGods’ Latest Innovations

The founder of DeLabs, Rohun ‘Frank’ Vora, describes the cryptic website as a form of “performance art” and an unconventional diversion from the traditional written roadmap approach. Consequently, he boldly asserts on the website that “roadmaps are stupid”.

The online portal, which takes inspiration from Facebook’s classic interface, ignites the curiosity of community members, prompting DeGods and y00ts members to search for hidden clues. This way, they can learn more about the project before new features and opportunities unveil.

Among the hints sprinkled across the online portal is news behind a duo of NFT drops launching this month. DeGods Season III will introduce female DeGod avatars. Additionally, adjustments to the gamified DUST token model are anticipated, enhancing the overall user experience.

Regarding market accessibility for DeLabs’ assets, it’s vital to note that DeGods currently trade on secondary marketplaces for around $17,240 (9.35 ETH). On the flip side, y00ts are acquirable for approximately $3,310 (1.72 ETH)

However, most compelling, DeLabs’ crypto website explores a cutting-edge approach to intellectual property rights for NFT holders. By expanding on current models, this novel concept gives NFT holders the unique opportunity to become official brand licensees. Such an invention can transform and pioneer the NFT sphere alone.

The mysterious online domain scratches the surface as we approach the debut of DeGods Season III and y00ts2. DeLabs’ cryptic website and NFT drops are pushing new frontiers in the NFT universe, assuring an exclusive venture ahead.

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