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Doodles Unites with Adidas to Invent ‘Pharrell Pack’

Doodles Unites with Adidas to Invent ‘Pharrell Pack’

Doodles‘ CEO, Pharrell Williams, recently unveiled the non-fungible token (NFT) brand’s new reward system on Twitter. In collaboration with Adidas, the “Pharrell Pack” features a selection of limited-edition wearables and physical merchandise to enhance the project’s allure.

Quick Takes:

  • Doodles’ Pharrell Pack, curated by the brand’s CEO, Pharrell Williams, is a limited-edition offering, including unique wearables and physical items.
  • Only 300 community members are eligible for one of the packs. Requirements include setting up a Stoodio profile and burning a beta pass before May 4.
  • Winners will be rewarded with digital wearables and physical and digital versions of Adidas’ Samba sneakers and Humanrace attire.

Introducing Doodles New Rewards

The Pharrell Pack, curated by Pharrell Williams, features a limited-edition selection of redeemable items and wearables usable within the Doodles 2 ecosystem.

The CEO of Doodles took to Twitter to announce the NFT brand’s new rewards system:

The pack contains 3 exclusive wearables, 1 beta pass, and 1 physical redeemable, and only 300 will be issued to lucky members of the Doodles community. Among the 300 packs, 48 will include a highly coveted, redeemable, matching grail wearable.

Following Pharrell’s partnership with Adidas, the remaining 252 packs will contain physical and digital versions of Samba sneakers and Pharell’s Adidas brand, Humanrace.

Once receiving a Pack, community members can only open it once, enhancing the contents’ value and uniqueness.

Steps to Qualify for the Airdrop

The Pharrell Pack merges the digital and physical realms through its exceptional redemption certificates. All physical items will be shipped upon entering shipping details, and the Stoodio — which launched just days ago — handles the entire process:

However, to be eligible for a Pharrell Pack, members must complete a few tasks before May 4. Such duties include:

  • Setting up a Stoodio profile.
  • Burning a beta pass.
  • Dooplicating” at least once to open a Genesis Box.

Once completing all of the above tasks, Doodles will enter all entries into a random lottery to win a Pharrell Pack.

300 fortune winners will then receive the pack of Doodles goodies on the Ethereum blockchain. Afterward, members can uncover the redeemable limited-edition wearables and physical items. The wearables will appear in their Flow wallet, accessible via Gaia, which enables users to buy, sell and explore numerous types of wearables — including those featured in the Pharrell Pack.

Note: Lucky winners of a Pharrell Pack must redeem their physical items from June 6 – June 15. Doodles will burn all certificates that are not claimed during this time frame — leaving winners prizeless.

This new reward system represents the innovative blending of the digital and physical worlds, showcasing the potential of NFTs to enhance the experience for dedicated members and drive excitement through exclusiveness.

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