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High-End Fashion NFTs Transform Eikonikos’ Virtual Retreat

High-End Fashion NFTs Transform Eikonikos’ Virtual Retreat

Leading metaverse company, Eikonikos, is gearing up for the launch of its fashion NFTs this Spring. The collectibles will boast 3248 unique items of clothing wearables. All Eikonikos avatars can enjoy modeling such items in the forthcoming metaverse. 

Eikonikos’ fashion and wearable designer, Aiisha Ramadan, has been crafting gorgeous garments for thirty years. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, and Charlize Theron model her magnificent attire. Thus, there was no better designer to create Eikonikos’ “AVRA Collection”.

Ramadan applies her famous expertise to ensure all avatars on the metaverse look as hot as the stars she is prestigious for dressing. Each character can choose numerous fashion NFTs to dress their best. Consequently, they will look their best selves while enjoying the virtual yoga, fitness, and healing sessions Eikonikos offers.  Each wearable is mandatory. However, provide extra earning potential for buyers. 

Sticking to a theme of healing, this highly anticipated collection divides into seven subcategories, each of which consists of inspiration by concepts of different philosophical and spiritual traditions: Chakras, Yin and Yang, Kundalini, the Sun, and the Moon. The fashion NFTs are designed from Ramadan’s heart, inspired from her silent retreat in Nepal.

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Sneak peek at AVRA Collection items

Eikonikos’ AVRA Collection Opens Exclusive Perks

Better still, each item of clothing tiers depending on its rarity and exclusivity. Every subsequent category is more exclusive than the last. Therefore, users’ wearing the most exclusive items reflect the prestige and luxury associated with these high-end digital fashion collectibles. 

Besides owning an item from the exclusive AVRA Collection, NFT holders will also receive numerous benefits, like a Land plot in AVRA Space near Ramadan’s state-of-the-art virtual studio. Other rewards include a mystery box of unique fashion items, playable weapons, and access to an AVRA and P2E quest-based game. 

It’s clear that Eikonikos is bracing itself to disrupt every human touchpoint. This metaverse offers top brands and entertainment industries opportunities to test innovations in unique, stylish ways. So, get ready to strut your stuff at Eikonikos‘ awaited metaverse, poised to delight both fashion and healthy retreat lovers alike.

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