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Jungle Metaverse: XLABEL and X2Y2 to Launch Tarzan NFT Collection

Jungle Metaverse: XLABEL and X2Y2 to Launch Tarzan NFT Collection

XLABEL, the digital fashion studio, and X2Y2, the Ethereum NFT marketplace, have teamed up to release a Tarzan NFT collection “Lord of the Apes.” The series will have 9,999 NFTs, each selling for 0.05 ETH (around $90) to allowlist members.

Quick Takes:

  • Digital fashion studio XLABEL has partnered with NFT marketplace X2Y2 to create a Tarzan NFT collection “Lord of the Apes,”.
  • Tarzan’s Web3-era version features a cleaner-cut look, reflecting the character’s background.
  • The Tarzan NFTs will be compatible with Unreal Engine. This enables the character to be integrated into a range of games developed by Epic Games.

Tarzan franchise shared the news with its followers on Twitter:

On March 28, XLABEL and X2Y2 will release a 9,999-piece Tarzan NFT collection. On March 30, each NFT will sell for between 0.05 and 0.06 ETH.

Basically, Tarzan was created by XLABEL’s in-house designers and digital artist Skeeva. Plus it will venture into various Web3 game worlds as a digital version. Essentially, the character has a rich legacy from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original 1912 “Tarzan of the Apes” novels and films.

Moving along, XLABEL plans to integrate the digital Tarzan character into third-party blockchain-driven metaverse games and platforms, giving players the chance to assume the role of Tarzan. The Tarzan NFTs will be compatible with Unreal Engine, developed by Epic Games, which supports various gaming franchises.

XLABEL and X2Y2 Launch Tarzan NFT Collection

XLABEL CEO Brad Morris stated that Tarzan would have a new representation that differs from past portrayals of the character. Furthermore, XLABEL envisions Tarzan as a digital personality with diverse applications, including gaming, social media influence, and modelling. Tarzan’s Web3-era version reflects the character’s background before his parents of British royalty embarked on their ill-fated journey to Africa.

Not to mention, XLABEL spent six months creating Tarzan NFTs, drawing inspiration from Burroughs’ original character depiction. Previously, the brand launched an NFT collection featuring Betty Boop, a popular fictional character.

Overall, XLABEL aims to revive Tarzan’s popularity across metaverse worlds, enabling him to be part of the fast-growing digital universe.

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