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Kraken NFT Marketplace Sets Sail with Desirable Assets

Kraken NFT Marketplace Sets Sail with Desirable Assets

In a move as enticing as the mythical sea monster it’s named after, the Kraken NFT marketplace sails out of the waters of beta and into the vast ocean of the digital realm.

Quick Takes:

  • Kraken debuts its NFT marketplace with over 250 tokens, including famous and affordable finds (for under $100).
  • Users can buy and sell non-fungible collectibles without gas fees and pay using crypto or cash with 200 payment options.
  • The Kraken NFT marketplace launches amid potential legal challenges from US regulators; thus, the platform may have challenging times ahead.
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Kraken’s Notable NFT Hub

Setting its compass in the right direction, Kraken NFT, which previously supported 70 NFTs, now holds more than 250 NFTs across Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana blockchains. The marketplace is ready to storm over the cryptoverse with a gold mine of collectibles, digital art, and innovation.

Creating a treasure map that appeals to both seasoned and novice collectors, the newly launched platform offers not only OG blue-chip projects, like the iconic CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, but also hidden gems that are acquirable for under $100.

Other hot collections redefining the space, like uwucrew, DigiDaigaku, Nakamigos, Solana Monkey Business and Reddit Collectible Avatars, are also available — everyone can find an NFT that suits their taste.

Further Setting the Marketplace Apart 

Promising a smooth ride, the NFT marketplace eliminates gas fees typically associated with purchasing and selling NFTs. However, such unwanted prices will incur when transferring NFTs and other assets from the Kraken platform.

Users can pay for their chosen digital assets in either cryptocurrency with the support of MetaMask and Solana’s Phantom wallet, or fiat for those that prefer traditional payment methods. In total, the marketplace has 200 different cryptocurrencies and cash options, making the platform suitable for all.

But it’s not all clear skies ahead for Kraken. The launch comes amid a whirlwind of regulatory cracks, with US exchanges facing lawsuits from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Thus, Kraken’s voyage may have stormy times ahead.

Nevertheless, with this inclusive and innovative approach to the NFT market, Kraken is positioned to conquer the waves of the digital sphere.

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