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Kraken Users’ Favorite NFTs to Transform Formula 1 Racing Cars

Kraken Users’ Favorite NFTs to Transform Formula 1 Racing Cars

Turbocharging sports entertainment with blockchain technology, the crypto exchange Kraken is merging its lanes with the Williams Racing team to imprint NFTs onto six Formula 1 racing cars’ rear wings for the U.S. Grand Prix 2023

Quick Takes: 

  • Kraken joins forces with Williams Racing to brand NFTs on six Formula 1 cars for the upcoming U.S. Grand Prix.
  • Users of the crypto exchange can select four NFTs to beautify four F1 racing cars. Williams Racing drivers will choose the remaining two.
  • The objective is to showcase NFT value and captivate spectators, extending the influence of digital assets beyond Web3.
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Racing Toward NFT Awareness

The driving force behind Kraken’s unique initiative is to transform the Formula 1 speed machines into mobile canvases featuring six fan-favorite NFTs. Firing up on August 1, four NFTs chosen by lucky Kraken users will beautify four Grand Prix vehicles. William Racing’s team drivers will handpick the remaining two digital artworks.

A core motivation of this initiative is to entice spectators with an unusual visual spectacle at this year’s Grand Prix event, showcasing the real-world value and applicability of NFTs and extending the influence of such digital tokens beyond the Web3 world.

Moreover, Kraken’s innovative strategy aims to accelerate user engagement and collective ownership among its community, propelling global recognition of the cryptocurrency exchange itself.

The Driving Force of Other Kraken Endeavors

The Kraken-Williams alliance goes beyond this one-time event. In the past, Kraken displayed the Bitcoin white paper on Williams’ race cars, modifying these speed machines into mobile billboards.

On top of that, Kraken has hosted fan meet-ups at numerous racing events, enabling crypto and fast car lovers to unite and immerse themselves in deep discussions and debates surrounding cryptocurrency in a delightful environment. 

The latest venture — integrating NFTs onto the Williams Racing cars — is an enticing extension of these endeavors. It overrides the boundaries of sports sponsorships while embarking on an alluring excursion toward worldwide blockchain-based literacy.

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