Louis Vuitton NFTs Revamp Classic ‘Treasure Trunk’ Range

    The renowned luxury fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, is taking a daring twist into its fashion fate through a new NFT initiative dubbed ‘Via’. The limited-edition line of digital fashion accessories is based on its 160-year-old ‘Treasure Trunk’ range, opening access to luxury benefits and a tangible twin of the highly desirable trunk for €39k.

    Quick Takes: 

    • Louis Vuitton’s Via opens limited-edition digital fashion accessories based on the brand’s renowned Treasure Trunk collection, with luxury benefits and a redeemable physical twin for €39k.
    • Exclusive registration is required: interested buyers must gain access to a private website where the NFTs will be available for purchase shortly afterward.
    • The fashion brand retains control of its Treasure Trunk assets via Soul-Bound NFTs, preventing secondary sales and trades on NFT marketplaces.

    Louis Vuitton’s NFT Couture 

    Louis Vuitton’s upcoming NFT strategy guides away from gamification and into high-end uses for blockchain technology. The limited amount of digital fashion accessories under Via will be available to all of its brand fans across the globe.

    However, there’s a catch: individuals must register their interest on the Louis Vuitton website on June 8. Selected candidates will then be granted access to a private website on June 14, where the NFTs will be available for purchase the following two days afterward, on June 16. This way, only dedicated Louis lovers will go through the effort of purchasing these digital assets with patience and care.

    Once acquiring a Via NFT, the renowned fashion house will designate a ‘Soul-Bound’ status for all Treasure Trunk NFTs, prohibiting gifting and trading on secondary markets.

    Regardless of the digital assets not being tradeable, holders can acquire keys that unlock future perks, offering luxury LV products and services.

    Restyling the NFT Landscape 

    Louis Vuitton’s Soul-Bound approach ensures that the fashion powerhouse has complete control over its collectibles, providing after-care services that are typically rare and hard to find in the Web3 sphere.

    The main aim of this venture is to provide customers with premium, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that blend high-end fashionable goods with advanced technologies. By embracing non-fungible collectibles in this manner, Louis Vuitton forms an elite doorway for its devoted fan base to own esteemed offerings unavailable in high streets and elsewhere, presenting an entirely new shopping experience on-chain.

    Additonally, this campaign demonstrates Louis Vuitton’s willingness to evolve and adapt to the times, welcoming NFTs to maintain a commitment to craftsmanship and brand integrity.

    The Fashion Powerhouse’s Web3 Legacy 

    The Via campaign significantly revamps its past Web3 approach, integrating limited-edition digital collectibles with physical luxury goods unlike ever before. Interestingly, Louis Vuitton first ventured beyond physical fashion items into Web3 by debuting its metaverse game ‘Louis the Game’, in a quirky celebration of its 200 anniversary in 2021.

    Marked as being “better than Fortnite”, Louis the Game was a way for the fashion brand to tap into new customers, especially a younger audience like Gen-Z consumers, known for being hard to captivate. The brand achieved such goals through addictive gameplay challenges for all players without breaking the bank.

    There were also recent false rumors about Louis Vuitton partnering with the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama for an NFT collaboration.

    Must read: “Louis Vuitton Debunks Rumors of Yayoi Kusama NFT Collaboration.” 

    Nevertheless, Louis Vuitton’s forthcoming expedition into the high-end world of the blockchain showcases a new standard for merging luxury, exclusivity, and innovation — for big-time lovers of LV with deep wallets to relish instead.

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