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Moonbirds Cracks Open Creative Opportunities with Mythics NFTs

Moonbirds Cracks Open Creative Opportunities with Mythics NFTs

The Web3 community PROOF has cracked open a significant addition to its thriving ecosystem: Mythics, enhancing the next development stage in the Moonbirds universe through 20,000 Ethereum NFT eggs that hatch feathered oddities.

Quick Takes: 

  • 50 Mythics NFTs now daily enrich Moonbirds’ universe development, introducing mythical avian collectibles.
  • Mythics holders can enjoy commercial creative rights, exclusive access to PROOF releases, and DAO opportunities.
  • PROOF’s minting ritual for Mythic, Stone, Runic, and Legendary Eggs aims to boost community engagement.

Expanding the Moonbirds Ecosystem

Mythics NFTs are now powering the Moonbirds PFP collectibles, rolling out a generative series of mythical avian creatures that resemble the artist’s journey through art and blockchain technology.

“Mythics aims to present our community with an experience that weaves together the PROOF ecosystem and the narrative that began with Moonbirds,” says Kevin Rose, PROOF’s CEO and Co-founder. “Our teams have poured immense effort into this launch, striving to broaden Moonbirds’ story via art and technology.”

All Mythics holders will have commercial rights to their NFT art and can exploit the intellectual property behind it. Moreover, they will be granted access to loyalty points, PROOF releases, art installations, and real-life and digital experiences.

The opportunity to join the Lunar Society, Moonbirds’ entrepreneurial DAO, also awaits holders, enabling members to vote and propose projects.

Unique Minting Opportunities

Further enticing collectors, PROOF’s team has created an innovative minting experience to strengthen its community — one of which will last at least 200 days.

The minting process sets Mythics apart, initiating a ritual whereby a Mythic, Stone Egg, or Runic and Legendary Eggs unveil:

  • Activated vs. Dormant Eggs: All Mythic Eggs begin in a dormant state. However, once the mint begins, 50 of these NFTs will unveil daily. Once activated, the egg will burn in the ‘Hearth of the Odd God’ — the omen of the hatching method that mints Mythics.
  • Stone Eggs: These Eggs are processed with one transaction alone, involving burning a Mythic Egg. Users receive a randomly minted Mythic in return.
  • Runic and Legendary Eggs: The creation sequence of Runic and Legendary Eggs requires two transactions post-activation. The first transaction involves burning the Mythic Egg, whereby the second transaction includes picking from randomized Mythic options to mint.

“Working with the remarkable team at PROOF to build the Mythics collection has been a fantastic journey,” says Justin Mezzell, PROOF’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, in a press release.

“We delved deep into the lore of this world, both through the art and the minting mechanics. We aimed to construct an experience that intimately links our community to the world and narrative of Moonbirds and Mythics.”

This engaging and interactive minting process for Moonbirds Mythics NFTs adds another layer to the thrilling Mythics journey, as do the creative process and opportunities behind it.

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