Moonbirds Launches New Reward System “Talons”

    Moonbirds has announced its plans to launch Talons, a new reward point system that will replace its previous nesting system. The founder, Kevin Rose, described Talons as similar to credit card reward points. 

    Quick Takes:

    • Moonbirds is launching Talons, a new reward point system to replace its previous nesting system.
    • Talons will be exclusively available to Moonbirds holders, providing a unique and coveted item within the PROOF ecosystem.
    • Moonbirds’ Mythic Eggs claim offers three levels of rarity and distinct artistic choices, with a higher chance of securing a Legendary egg if claimed within the first week.

    Talons: Everything To Know about it

    Users can earn these reward points daily by holding a Moonbirds NFT. Moonbirds will launch Talons during the beta edition of the platform. Moreover, Talons will be exclusively available to Moonbirds holders, making it a highly coveted and unique item within the PROOF ecosystem.

    Moonbirds made the announcement during the Parliament space event. At the event, they provided updates on the upcoming Diamond Exhibition and Mythic Eggs claim. The Diamond Exhibition will showcase artwork from 22 artists and is set to open on April 27. 

    Members who will register within the first 24 hours will receive Day One Passes. These Passes will give them a head start on selecting their favorite art piece and submitting a rank order for consideration. Meanwhile, the Mythics Eggs claim is already live, offering varying rarity and art options.

    Per creators, Moonbirds’ new reward token, Talons can replace the previous nesting system, which has been a part of the PROOF ecosystem. The team is looking to introduce new opportunities that will utilize Talons. Holders can use the tokens to claim art and purchase tickets to events within their ecosystem.

    This new rewards structure is most likely an attempt to avoid regulatory uncertainty, similar to previous initiatives such as y00ts and Kanpai Pandas. These projects have similarly relied on “ecosystem points” rather than tokens.

    Claiming Mythic Eggs

    Moonbirds’ Mythic Eggs claim offers three levels of rarity: Legendary, Runic, and Stone. Each egg provides distinct artistic choices. Acquiring an egg sooner increases the likelihood of securing a Legendary egg. If a participant claims the egg within the first week, there is a 60 percent chance of it being Legendary. Further, the claim for one of the three Mythic designs by holders has a collective impact as the remaining two designs become permanently unavailable for minting for the holders.

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