Home NFTs Music NFT Maestro Sound.xyz Uplifts All Artists with $20M Funding

Music NFT Maestro Sound.xyz Uplifts All Artists with $20M Funding

Music NFT Maestro Sound.xyz Uplifts All Artists with $20M Funding

Making noise in the music NFT world, Sound.xyz has secured a $20 million funding round led by a16z crypto, with significant contributions from high-profile figures: Snoop Dogg, Ryan Kedder and Tay Keith.

  • Sound.xyz secures a $20 million funding round led by a16z crypto and influential figures.
  • The music NFT platform challenges traditional models by ensuring transparent revenue transfers to artists.
  • All funds are assisting in creating a more user-friendly platform, enabling artists to easily upload music and fans to support them without Web3 know-how.

Big Names Tune into Sound.xyz

By endorsing Sound.xyz’s NFT music platform, Snoop Dogg, Tay Keith and Ryan Kedder demonstrate their commitment to supporting musical talents. The famous faces rally behind Sound.xyz over empowering artists to:

  • Set their prices
  • Possess 100% of earnings
  • Bolster full music rights
  • Directly connect with fans.

The platform’s innovative model, facilitated by pioneering tools, challenges traditional music labels and models over providing instant and simple revenue transfers.

Consequently, Sound’s NFT-centric approach has aided artists in generating revenue amounting to 1.6 billion streams, surpassing streaming platform giants as a result.

Following the funding round, the platform now has the funds to sync with all members of the public. It is offering a new user-centric model spurred by the top notable personalities.

Artists can now easily upload their music onto the platform, and fans can support fandom without needing Web3 experience. All they need is a credit card and an email address.

By utilizing a simple, code-free process, Sound.xyz’s main aim is for all artists to make a living off their music alone. The platform is at the forefront of a future whereby the music industry and Web3 collide for creative authority.

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