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Nestlé Launches NFT Collection Inspired by Surpresa Chocolate

Nestlé Launches NFT Collection Inspired by Surpresa Chocolate

Nestlé, the renowned Swiss multinational food and drink conglomerate, is capitalizing on the nostalgia of Surpresa Chocolate, a beloved treat from the 80s and 90s in Brazil. These treats were much more than just chocolate and were adored for a unique reason. They came packed with animal cards that featured diverse wildlife from the Amazon rainforest to the Atlantic Forest. Now, Nestlé is leveraging the popularity of these cards, transforming them into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Quick Takes:

  • Nestlé’s Surpresa Chocolate animal cards are revived as NFTs, featuring endangered species from Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.
  • Limited-edition NFTs are available on Nestlé’s website, with a pricing strategy aiming to attract various buyers and support environmental causes.
  • The initiative highlights ESG in crypto, with profits supporting SOS Atlantic Forest and measures taken to offset carbon emissions.

Nestlé Embraces NFTs with an Eco-conscious Approach

In a thrilling union of art, technology, and activism, Nestlé has not just digitized these classic cards. Also, they have collaborated with five talented Brazilian artists to create unique pieces, illustrating endangered species from the Atlantic Forest, one of Brazil’s most threatened ecosystems. 

Creators have minted these one-of-a-kind pieces as NFTs and made them available for purchase via Nestlé’s exclusive website. In an exciting move, they have minted each artwork as ten originals and forty replicas, priced between R$500 and R$25. Denis Chamas, who is in charge of Innovation and Business Models at Nestlé Brazil, explains that they designed the pricing structure to invite all interested individuals to venture into the NFT space, while supporting a significant cause.

Packaging of Nestlé’s Surpresa chocolates.

The Environmental Impact: Making ESG a Priority

Nestlé is using this initiative to place the spotlight on Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) in the crypto sphere. In this spirit, all earnings from the NFT sales will go towards SOS Atlantic Forest, an environmental organization. Moreover, Nestlé has also taken measures to counterbalance the carbon emissions associated with these NFTs’ creation.

Afra Balazina, Director of Mobilization at the SOS Atlantic Forest Foundation, is hopeful about the positive changes NFTs are bringing to the world of art. Initially, they believe that this campaign will aid in protecting the habitats of countless species. Additionally, it could potentially contribute to their restoration.

In conclusion, Nestlé is taking a bold step towards combining the power of blockchain technology, nostalgia, NFTs and conservation. Their initiative exemplifies the growing trend of corporate responsibility in the digital sphere, providing a model for others to follow.

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