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Palm NFT Studio Builds Free Generative Art Tool for Innovators

Palm NFT Studio Builds Free Generative Art Tool for Innovators

Palm NFT Studio — a creative space for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) — debuts “Palm Generative Art Maker” to assist crafting one-of-a-kind generative art collectibles on-chain for free.

Quick Takes: 

  • Palm NFT Studio launches Palm Generative Art Maker, a free generative art tool that simplifies on-chain art creations for all artists.
  • Palm Generative Art Maker makes creating text, metadata, 3D and motion digital assets easier, lowering the barriers to entry in the generative NFT world.
  • Beyond the creation of this tool, Palm NFT Studio promotes gender equality through digital art and Web3 initiatives with Pussy Riot.
A screenshot of the Palm Generative Art Maker tool

Benefits of Palm’s Generative Art Maker

Palm NFT Studio debuts “Palm Generative Art Maker” to simplify creating generative art. The tool enables artists from all walks of life to store code on-chain to produce unique digital masterpieces.

Built on the 3D game production software Unreal Engine, users can create generative metadata, text, motion, and 3D assets while simplifying the process of bulk rendering, trait and rarity systems, and the generation of digital assets. Consequently, the tool enables creators to produce metaverse experiences and in-game assets.

This cutting-edge service aims to improve the barrier to entry and access to generative art production. Such processes are usually costly and intimidating for those with little knowledge.

Palm NFT Studio’s Other Achievements 

Palm NFT Studio is firmly committed to promoting digital art and has been doing so for two years. The company works on boosting the potential of blockchain technology by providing the NFT world with necessary advantages and tools. The company gives artists new ways to showcase their work, reach a global audience, and receive fair compensation.

Recently, the project’s team paired up with Nadya Tolokonnikova, a member of Pussy Riot, a Russian feminist protest group. Together, they taught a class on activist art, focusing on digital art as the medium for political and social commentary. The reason behind this was to encourage artists to express themselves on important issues through art.

Palm NFT Studio and Tolokonnikova also recently organized a feminist art competition at NFT.NYC. The competition enticed curators to share their works on gender equality around the globe, promoting inclusion and diversity in Web3.

Palm’s commitment to promoting inclusion and diversity on-chain is a testament to its vision of a more accessible and equitable art world.

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