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PROOF Uncovers 20 Creative Masterminds Behind Grails IV

PROOF Uncovers 20 Creative Masterminds Behind Grails IV

The pioneering Web3 community, PROOF, has finally unveiled its lineup of 20 artists — initially shrouded in mystery — behind its most recent NFT project, Grails IV,  

  • The 20 iconic artists behind PROOF’s Grails IV have finally been exposed.
  • A real-world exhibition showcasing the project’s artworks and the masterminds behind them is being held at PROOF’s Art District in LA.
  • All art collectors can delve into the history of these artistic talents and their inspirations.

The Creative Minds Behind Grails IV

Grails IV stands out as a significant step forward for PROOF. By leveraging the Art Blocks engine, the project introduces 20 famed generative artist collections to empower its creative horizons.

Although the NFT project’s initial debut was on August 11, until now, collectors were yet to learn about the artists behind their acquired masterpieces, adding mystery and allure to the collectibles.

The grandeur behind Grails IV is now open to more than just the digital space. A real-life exhibition showcasing the artworks alongside a description of the artists is in full swing at PROOF’s Arts District in LA. Attendees can get close and personal with the creative brilliance until August 20.

PROOF’s Grails projects are already famed for featuring renowned Web3 artists, like Snowfro, Tyler Hobbs, Refik Anadol, and more.

Now, the torch has been handed over to these 20 famed creative minds — featured on Vogue, Art Net, Flaunt, Artsy and more — to further showcase their creative liberty:

  • Yazid, Operator
  • Jack Butcher
  • Ben Kovach
  • Hans Dehlinger
  • Casey Reas
  • Inna Modia
  • Craig Mullins
  • Danguiz
  • Hideki Tsukamoto
  • Diewiththemostlikes
  • Shavonne Wong
  • Roope Rainisto
  • Kim Asendorf
  • Per Kristian Stoveland
  • Michael Kutsche
  • Goldcat
  • Ayla El-Moussa
  • Other World.

However, the first glance into the artists was more than an unveiling: it was an engaging experience whereby collectors can delve into their origins, inspirations, and their stories that mold Grails.

This highly-anticipated artist reveal introduces an exciting new layer into the Web3 art world, building excitement about ‘what’s next’.

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