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Reddit Gen 3 Collectibles Launch—100+ Artists Feature

Reddit Gen 3 Collectibles Launch—100+ Artists Feature

After a little anticipation, Reddit’s Gen 3 collectibles just launched — and only a day after planned. Despite being its third batch, hundreds of artist collaborators participated for the first time.

Quick Takes: 

  • Reddit just launched thousands of its third-generation (Gen 3) digital assets to attract more art fans.
  • The collection features more than 100 artists, compared to 32 in previous drops. Many community members are embracing the social hub’s creative initiative.
  • Many users of the social hub have held NFTs for the first time thanks to Reddit, showcasing the platform’s adaptability in digital art and Web3.
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Reddit Avatars Gen 3 – What’s the Hype?

Reddit has released thousands of digital collectibles on the Ethereum scaling network, Polygon, since June 2022. The digital assets have featured alien mascot Snoo in diverse themes and styles and seen Halloween-themed avatars and Super Bowl tie-ins take their toll. As a consequence, Reddit attracts more than 7.3 million unique wallets.

Following the success, the latest collection is broadening art like never before, featuring more than 100 artists compared to just 32 in its first two collections — to target a more extensive collector base.

Reddit just took to Twitter to share the good news with art fans and collectors alike:

All artists were given free rein to design artworks for the digital collectibles — so long as the famous Snoo character fitted in somewhere, somehow. Naturally, therefore, they are all very different from one another. 

One of the artists includes Alicia Freeman. She is an Australian-based visual artist and children’s author who embraces fantastical and mythical creatures. To partake in Reddit’s new drop, she made three visually organic avatars with robotic aesthetic.

Another artist is Romanian-based digital illustrator Laura Dumitriu, who utilized the template “to create a new world with colourful and cute characters”—a style which she carries across social media platforms.

Despite being completely different from each other, they have one thing in common. They both had to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating they wouldn’t discuss project details before today’s launch, along all other artists. Nevertheless, leaked images circled the space. 

Many members of the Reddit community embrace the initiative, with many users holding NFTs for the first time. This showcases the platform’s ability to evolve and adapt in the world of digital art and Web3.

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