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Renowned Photographers Collaborate on NFTs to Combat Climate Change

Renowned Photographers Collaborate on NFTs to Combat Climate Change

Today, the distinguished European NFT photography platform Rhapsody Curated revealed its collaboration with three renowned fine art photographers to heighten climate change awareness. All funds will go toward combating the global issue.

Quick Takes: 

  • Rhapsody Curated partnered with three renowned fine art photographers to raise climate change awareness on the platform.
  • The trio of photographers will showcase their unique styles by creating non-fungible token (NFT) artworks.
  • All photo collections, which will mint on the Ethereum blockchain, will go on sale on May 4.
  • Over 50% of the proceeds will support Photoclimat, a French charity promoting climate change awareness through photography.
A screenshot of the NFTs on the Rhapsody Curated platform

The Photographers Combating Climate Change 

The three iconic photographers joining the Rhapsody Curated platform are Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Nicolas Henry, and Namsa Leuba.

Earlier today, the team behind the European NFT photography platform revealed the good news about the iconic artists joining its curated season on Twitter.

The trio of artists was brought together by Rhapsody’s Head of Curation, Pierre-Elie de Pibrac. Consequently, they all had a task to mint six photo collections that reflect the current state of the environment.

Together, they are on a mission to raise awareness of climate change through their lenses.

Arthus-Bertrand is a renowned French photographer, filmmaker, and environmentalist, best known for his captivating aerial photo collection “Earth From Above“.

Henry’s artistic endeavors, on the other hand, blend photography, sculpture, and performance art, producing immersive environments that delve into themes like memory, nostalgia, and the passage of time.

Lastly, Leuba is a Swiss-Guinean photographer who focuses her artwork on examining the influence of the Western perspective on African identity. Some of her most notable commissions include collaborations with esteemed brands like Dior, Christian Lacroix, and Nike.

Minting Toward a Worthy Cause 

The photographers’ artworks will go on sale May 4, ranging in price from 2 ETH ($3,685) to 8 ETH ($14,745), and will mint on the Ethereum blockchain.

Rhapsody specifically chose to mint the collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain due to the network’s environmentally friendly reputation. Ethereum transitioned from the energy-sucking proof-of-work model to proof-of-stake last September, reducing its carbon footprint by 99.99%.

More than half of the revenue from all artworks will go toward Photoclimat. The French organization dedicates itself to promoting climate change awareness through photography. It primarily achieves such goals by launching the images at a large-scale biennial exhibition in Paris, historically drawing millions of visitors.

Discover the season of images going toward a good cause here.

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