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Rick and Morty’s Blockchain TV Series ‘Krapopolis’ to Take Off

Rick and Morty’s Blockchain TV Series ‘Krapopolis’ to Take Off

Intertwining animation with blockchain technology, the innovative series ‘Krapopolis‘ — created by the masterminds behind Rick and Morty and backed by the broadcasting giant Fox — is finally set to launch on September 24.

Quick Takes: 

  • Krapopolis, a new blockchain-based animated series created by Rick and Morty, debuts on September 24.
  • The Fox-backed series boasts a stellar cast and a thrilling plot set in mythical Ancient Greece.
  • Fans can purchase ‘Krap Chickens’ NFTs to open behind-the-scenes content, merchandise, and exclusive event access.
Rick and Mortys Krapopolis

The Odyssey of Krapopolis 

Fox Entertainment dropped the bombshell about Krapopolis in 2021, marking Blockchain Creative Labs‘s first voyage. The project quickly attracted a colossal $100 million injection from its parent company, showcasing Fox’s determination to innovate television programs by integrating blockchain technology.

Despite the crypto market tumbling the following year, with NFTs considerably fading, Fox retained faith in Krapopolis. The animation program is finally coming to life, first presenting a double-series run and star-studded cast, including I.T. Crowd’s Richard Ayoade, Ted Lasso’s Hannah Waddingham, and Matt Berry from ‘What We Do In The Shadows’.

The series narrative promises an intriguing ride, transforming the lives of gods, monsters, and humans to operate a modern city in the mythical landscape of Ancient Greece.

Krap Chicken NFTs Unlock the TV 

Enthusiasts have had the chance to acquire 10,420 ‘Krap Chickens’ NFTs since last August, which act as tickets to access the series. This novelty alone has brought in a startling 512 ETH ($957,726).

Alongside the show’s debut date, other perks behind these chickens have unraveled. Krap Chicken holders can now marvel at animated behind-the-scenes snippets from the series, available on the show’s official website. Other rewards include exclusive events and utilizing the NFTs’ eggs to secure digital goods and physical merchandise. Precise details, however, remain a mystery.

As the entertainment realm evolves, the debut of Krapopolis has the potential to open a new chapter for blockchain-based engagements.

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