Smurfs Universe Goes 3D with New NFT Collection

    Smurfs Universe is shaking up the NFT world by introducing a 3D NFT collection featuring beloved Smurfs characters and items. The NFTs not only offer collectors a new way to own a piece of Smurfs history but also provide unique benefits and experiences within the Smurfs Universe game.

    Quick Takes:

    • Smurfs Universe has released 3D NFTs featuring popular characters and items from the classic franchise.
    • The Smurfs 3D NFTs provide a new way for fans to collect and own their favorite characters and items.
    • The NFTs offer unique experiences within the Smurfs Universe game.

    Smurfs Universe Goes 3D with New NFT Collection

    Smurfs Universe is the latest franchise to embrace the world of NFTs. The new 3D designs make the characters and items come to life in a new and exciting way, offering fans a fresh perspective on the beloved franchise.

    The Smurfs’ Society aims to revolutionize Web3 by combining unique experiences, individual rewards, and collective interests to support ‘for good’ initiatives. This aligns with the community and ‘for good’ values that are central to the Smurfs brand.

    In partnership with several Web3 names and over 100 Web3 communities the team is set to launch its first major sale of 3,000 NFTs from the collection on April 18th. The names include renowned artists such as André, Philippe Druillet, Richard Orlinski, Fafi Birtak, and Antonyo Marest, among others. This collection presents an opportunity to bring communities together and promote the Smurfs’ positive values while rewarding holders for their engagement and actions.

    The Collection Offers Fans Unique Benefits

    In addition to providing collectors with a new way to own a piece of Smurfs history, the NFTs also offer benefits within the game. For instance, owning a certain character can unlock exclusive features and bonuses within the game. Also, this will create a new level of engagement for fans.

    The Smurfs Society’s Legendary collection features 250 one-of-a-kind Smurf characters with 50 individual variants. Each of these NFTs includes over 300 randomized traits, including skins, background FX, and lighting. Furthermore, the Smurf characters come with exclusive utilities and benefits unique to each character, such as physical prints, raffles to win prizes, access to partners’ and artists’ services, products, or artwork, game tickets, wine bottles, and more.

    To set the value of the collection, the Smurfs’ Society has introduced an innovative bucket auction powered by Rarible, which makes it a community-led Smurfs collection. The approach values the community rather than an arbitrary price. The bucket auction also determines the mint price for the remaining NFTs in the collection.

    In conclusion, Smurfs Universe’s foray into the world of NFTs represents a bold new direction for the classic franchise. By offering fans a fresh perspective on beloved characters and items, the NFT collection is sure to appeal to collectors. With unique benefits within the Smurfs Universe game, the NFTs provide a new level of engagement for fans of all ages.

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