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‘Snoop Dogg Passport’ NFTs Open Backstage Experiences

‘Snoop Dogg Passport’ NFTs Open Backstage Experiences

Renowned rap artist Snoop Dogg ventures into the Web3 world yet again. This time, granting fans a peak into the kaleidoscopic world of his life on tour and exclusive content through ‘Snoop Dogg Passport’ NFTs.

Quick Takes: 

  • The ‘Snoop Dogg Passport’ NFTs open exclusive content and early access to future releases, giving fans an immersive behind-the-scenes experience in collaboration with Transient Labs.
  • Through these “evolving tour collectibles”, fans also get a unique glimpse into Snoop Dogg’s tour life, with exciting backstage experiences.
  • ‘Passport Series’ are up for grabs for a humble $46 (0.025 ETH) on Crossmint.
Snoop Dogg Passport NFTs

Enhancing Audience Interaction with NFTs

Developed in partnership with Transient Labs, the Snoop Dogg Passport series offers fans exclusive access to a goldmine of content: behind-the-scenes photographs and videos, with privileged access to future releases like merchandise and artworks.

What’s more, profoundly bringing these digital assets into the spotlight, the first batch of “evolving tour collectibles” endow the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans to experience life backstage with the celebrated icon.

Snoop fans can snag a ‘Passport Series’ NFT for a modest sum of $46 (0.025 ETH) on the Crossmint platform. All they need to do is connect their cryptocurrency wallet or pay using traditional currency. Then, they can uncover the plethora of content and front-of-line experiences.

Snoop Dogg’s Blockchain Endeavors 

Snoop Dogg is well-versed in the crypto sphere. In 2021, he made headlines revealing himself as the abstruse NFT collector ‘Cozomo de’ Medici‘, with an NFT portfolio of $17.6 million.

However, his NFT engagement goes far beyond collecting. Recently, in a joint alliance with Bored Ape, he and his fellow rap friend Eminem partook in a thrilling duo. Their medley was released on-chain, before being performed live at the MTV Music Awards.

Moreover, on March 6, news emerged that Snoop co-founded Shiller, a cutting-edge Web3 live-streaming platform. Intriguingly, Shiller’s primary goal is to harmonize Web3 technology with real-time streaming content.

Snoop also features in the Clay Nation NFT music video, has an NFT collection with Billy Ray Cyrus, owns LAND in The Sandbox, and more.

From metaverse endeavors to NFTs that open backstage passes, Snoop’s influence in the NFT space continues to expand. Consequently, presenting exciting opportunities for fans and unleashing the transformative potential of blockchain technology for pioneering advancements.

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