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Star Wars NFTs Launch Today—Five Rarity Traits to Unveil

Star Wars NFTs Launch Today—Five Rarity Traits to Unveil

Cryptoys is finally launching its much-anticipated Star Wars NFT collection today, representing numerous iconic characters from the venerable franchise. However, thanks to the blockchain, some characters (depending on their attire (skins)) are now more desirable than others — regardless of which one is your all-time favorite!

  • Cryptoys is set to debut a collection of fifteen Star Wars digital collectibles on the Flow blockchain today. Each character has five unique cartoon skins with rarity attributes ranging from ‘Common’ to ‘Ultra Grail’.
  • The purchase process includes a ‘blind box’ mechanism, keeping the characters a surprise until after purchase.
  • This latest offering is anticipated to engage a broad audience, appealing to avid Star Wars fans and NFT enthusiasts alike.

An Exciting New Chapter for Star Wars

The digital Star Wars collectibles comprise fifteen physical, digital toys representing prominent characters, including Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia.

These collectibles are tokenized on the Flow blockchain, a decentralized and scalable blockchain designed to create and manage digital assets like these Star Wars toys. The Flow blockchain ensures the authenticity and scarcity of digital toys and more, making each collectible a unique and valuable asset on-chain.

All collectibles adhere to the standard price of Cryptoys collections for just $39.99 apiece. Each digital version of the characters has five unique cartoon skins with unique rarity attributes — ‘Common’, ‘Rare’, ‘Legendary’, ‘Grail’, and ‘Ultra Grail’ — and are accompanied by a ‘blind box’ that keeps the characters a surprise until after purchase.

In addition to their inherent value as collectibles, these digital Star Wars toys could be used in various digital applications, such as virtual reality games or digital displays. This is part of the beauty of blockchain technology and digital collectibles — the possibilities are virtually endless.

History Behind Star Wars NFTs

This is not the first time these memorable figures have hit the blockchain. Previously, VeVe created Star Wars digital collectibles, crafting various digital collectible items as unique artifacts, pushing the limits of fandom and digital possession.

VeVe’s range of collectibles is exhaustive, hosting 3D models alongside digital posters to showcase a new form of visual art and digital comic books. All digital assets serve as a gateway into the franchise’s past and a nod to its extensive influence on pop culture.

The full advantages of owning Cryptoys’ Star Wars characters remain to be unveiled. It’s up to the buyers to embark on this journey and discover the benefits behind the assets’ rarity traits first-hand. Nevertheless, ready to launch on Cryptoys today, these figures are set to captivate both Star Wars fans and NFT aficionados alike.

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