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Unwrapping DoodleMAP: The Ultimate Guide to Doodles’ Future

Unwrapping DoodleMAP: The Ultimate Guide to Doodles’ Future

Doodle enthusiasts can now get a quick glimpse into the future of Doodles, thanks to the unveiling of DoodleMAP. The roadmap showcases the connections between numerous products and experiences — all of which revolve around Doodles’ collectibles and community incentives.

So, what’s in the pipeline for Doodles?

Preview of Doodles’ DOODLEMAP

Exploring Doodles’ Roadmap, DoodleMAP

The popular OG non-fungible token (NFT) collection, Doodles, aims to inspire more Doodling by igniting new incentives and transporting people to state-of-the-art realities through the use of digital assets.

Just one hour ago, the NFT brand shared a recent Tweet of a map that offers a quick preview into the Doodles universe and how its upcoming plans connect:

The Tweet thread touches upon how Doodles plans to leverage blockchain technology to create an entirely new identity and storytelling format.

Moreover, despite launching Doodles 2 on Flow, the brand intends to significantly invest more into the Ethereum ecosystem.

Doodles is determined to make its community proud to be Doodlers. To achieve such goals, Doodles aims to build one of the most lavish lifestyle and entertainment experiences using NFTs.

The NFT brand has a clear vision of what’s in store in 2023, and DoodleMAP proves just that. Consequently, this year’s Doodles will be colorful, thanks to many exciting developments on the horizon.

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