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Uphold Premiers OTC Trading and Research Solutions for Digital Assets

Uphold Premiers OTC Trading and Research Solutions for Digital Assets

Yesterday at the 2023 Crypto Valley ConferenceToday, the influential Web3 financial platform, Uphold, announced its one-of-a-kind offering, ‘Uphold Ascent’, unlocking access to a robust digital asset management via new institutional OTC trading and research services.

Uphold Ascent aims to be a pioneer in the digital asset trading industry by offering an unmatched over-the-counter (OTC) platform that accommodates significant orders with minimum price impact and competitive pricing. This way, users can buy and sell digital assets directly without the involvement of centralized exchanges, with transactions being conducted via the trading platform. 

Additionally, the platform provides superior liquidity with connections to 29 trading avenues, enabling traders to route their orders through decentralized and centralized exchanges and Layer 2 networks in an efficient manner.

Charting new heights in industry standards for product depth, Uphold grants access to over 280 tokens unavailable on other OTC platforms. However, the advantages of this new tool lie beyond the number of tokens it offers due to the expertise behind it. Boasting a team of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Centralized Finance (CeFi) experts with high-frequency trading background further solidifies its position in the realm of digital currencies. 

On top of the Ascent platform, Uphold’s research wing for tokens and currencies, Uphold Intelligence, proposes the opportunity to identify valuable assets early by granting access to firsthand market trends and knowledge, “differentiating flash-in-the-pan assets from those that carry fundamental value for our clients,” according to the CEO of Uphold Securities, Scott Kaplan, himself.

About Uphold

Uphold, proudly acclaimed as the top-ranking firm on the San Francisco Business Times Fast 100 List, shows an ongoing dedication to simplifying the accessibility of Web3. Covering a global landscape of 180 countries, the firm covers more than 10 million customers, catering to their wide-ranging requirements.

The project’s user-friendly interface and functionalities are a gateway for effortlessly bridging the gap between numerous national currencies, digital assets, and even precious metals, securing its position as an optimal platform for individuals seeking effortless management and exchanges of their financial resources.

For more information about Uphold’s state-of-the-art offerings, visit uphold.com and explore a world of new possibilities. 

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