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Yuga Labs to Debut Sequel Bored Ape Game, ‘HV-MTL Forge’

Yuga Labs to Debut Sequel Bored Ape Game, ‘HV-MTL Forge’

The pioneering force in the NFT realm, Yuga Labs, recently revealed juicy details about its highly anticipated Bored Ape game, ‘HV-MTL Forge‘. Ape NFT holders will soon be able to immerse themselves in the interactive world to unleash creativity and undertake risky escapades. Season 1 commences June 29!

Quick Takes: 

  • Yuga Labs is set to debut HV-MTL Season 1. Bored Ape holders are invited to craft workshops and partake in thrilling endeavors to unlock rewards.
  • Gamers can earn community validation through architectural skills. Votes contribute to a leaderboard system, granting access to rare attributions for top players.
  • When partaking in thrilling quests, users can also uncover rare construction sketches.

Unveiling the HV-MTL Environment

Kick-starting season 1 of the HV-MTL initiative, Yuga Labs is providing all Bored Ape holders with the unmissable opportunity to construct personalized workshop dwellings for its groundbreaking digital collectibles and partake in high-tech explorations

By crafting these workshops, players can customize their own unique domains and unlock a treasure trove of rewards — providing they “build, flex, fight and evolve”:

What’s more, by seeking community validation throughout their architectural endeavors, players can earn votes by showcasing their innovative hubs. Such votes will contribute to a leaderboard system whereby winners can attain admission to rare attributions as they prepare for the next phase of evolution.

Additionally, an alluring aspect of an alternate environment will evolve. Players can embark on thrilling quests to uncover rare construction sketches and face the menaces within. These lurking threats may potentially jeopardize players’ ambitions — even the most skillful and dedicated ones!

BAYC’s Web3 Gaming Status 

Yuga Labs has been on a winning streak in the Web3 gaming realm. The Bored Ape squad enticed several thousands of players into its Otherside metaverse before revolutionizing play-to-earn games with its hit game Dookey Dash.

Sales of the Dookey Dash Sewer Pass mints skyrocketed to more than $10 million leading up to the launch. Gamers eagerly partook in the venture to hunt for Jimmy the Monkey’s key in the sewers. The winner of the game then sold the golden key for a whopping $3 million.

Building on the triumph, spin-off games, ‘The Summoning‘, ‘Lick the Toad‘, and ‘Legends of the Mara‘, were introduced, generating even more excitement among fans.

Bored Ape’s gaming initiatives have taken the Web3 gaming world by storm, pushing boundaries and leaving community members astounded.

Since the unveiling of HV-MTL Season 1, Bored Ape’s floor price has surged to levels not seen since November 2021 (40 ETH). Web3 gamers eagerly await this new chapter, whereby creativity, innovation, and imagination await.

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